The sitka spruce tree in particularly is noted for airplane use, thanks to its fine grain, light weight, and wide availability. Picea abiesOther names: Whitewood, Norway spruce. Spruce wood is used for many purposes, ranging from general construction work and crates to highly specialised uses in wooden aircraft, and as a tonewood in … These trees are often used as building lumber. For furniture, crates, barrels, and musical instruments, some spruce lumber may be ideal. Before Hardi-plank hit the scene, primed spruce was the primary cornice materials. Common types of spruce used for indoor furnishings include Eastern spruce, red spruce, black spruce, and Engelmann spruce. Where does spruce even grow? Resin canals are rather common. Generally, spruce logs arrive at a lumber factory or mill just after felling, and … These types of lumber are also frequently used for house construction as interior timbers, but are generally not placed in areas that would expose them directly to the elements. In terms of building strength, is spruce weaker than pine or Douglas-fir since it is lighter? Softwood is wood harvested from conifers, typically: spruce, pine, cedar, and such. As far as using spruce for lumber, I am even less sure of that. The large tree usually has a straight, cylindrical trunk and grows to a height of about 30 m (up to 55 m), with a large diameter of about 60 cm (up to 1,5 m). But the wood from the trees also serves as an important raw material for building supplies and in the paper industry. Spruce wood is used for many purposes, ranging from general construction work and crates to highly specialised uses in wooden aircraft. I am pretty sure I've never seen it in stores. Heartwood is not distinct from sapwood. Generally, spruce logs arrive at a lumber factory or mill just after felling, and still retain their original shape. @Emilski - I've also heard the reasoning behind spruce lumber being good for instruments, but I don't remember either. I wouldn't have any idea what kind it was, though. Where can you even buy it? in theater from UCLA and a graduate degree in screenwriting from the American Film Brinell hardness perpendicular to the fibres, Nail withdrawal strength in N per mm depth and mm diameter. Spruce lumber is made by refining raw spruce logs into more uniform and usable forms. Strong, straight trunks and tiers of dense branches make these trees a beautiful addition. Spruce wood is used for many purposes, ranging from general construction work and crates to highly specialised uses in wooden aircraft. Does anyone have any idea? This type of wood is most often used for dimensional lumber, the wood which is used to build structures. The individual strips of lumber that are used for lattice typically measure 0.25 inches x 1.5 inches, come in various lengths, and are pressure-treated so that the wood will last a long time. A strong and relatively light wood, spruce lumber has many uses in a variety of industries. I had never heard of spruce being a good lumber to use for boats. The typical end-uses for spruce wood are for structural end uses, indoors and outdoors, thus it is the most important building and construction timber in Europe. Boards may be treated with chemicals to be made more durable or fire-resistant. Affordable: The spruce wood is available in market at low rates due to this reason the spruce wood is one of the popular material which is used for making the furniture. One of the most interesting uses of spruce lumber is in the building of wooden airplanes. Sitka spruce is used to build masts and spars, thanks to the tree's durability and natural height. Even though there are many different types of spruce trees, many varieties will appear nearly identical when milled into lumber. It is also used for decorative plywood, decorative veneer, domestic flooring, factory flooring, general carpentry, interior construction, joinery (external). Besides guitars, the famous Stradivarius string instruments also included spruce wood. A lot of wood strength just depends on the width of the tree rings. You are right that spruce typically grows in the north, although that is not always the case. Spruce is straight-grained with thin and regular texture. The spruce tree, part of the Picea genus, is a classic evergreen conifer option for your landscape. Spruce has a slight tendency to split when nailed. The colours range from creamy white to light yellow and to red-brown. Most spruce lumber is light in color, with a even and fine grain to the wood. Spruce lumber is made from one of the more than 30 varieties of tree in the genus Picea. My house is built with 2x4 wall studs and 2x10 floor joists. This genus contains just over three dozen species of coniferous evergreen trees. Spruce wood offers an even texture that makes it appealing as a building material. Spruce wood is also known as red spruce. It can be used for general construction as well as for more specialized use, such as … Some lumber mills set premium spruce wood aside specifically for airplane use, since only a small amount of lumber will have the requisite strength to withstand aircraft forces and pressures. @Izzy78 - Actually, given it's very light size, spruce is very strong. I'm guessing it wasn't Sitka, though, since Stradivari was Italian, and I doubt there was a lot of travel to Alaska during the 16- and 1700s. Still, though, spruce isn't nearly as strong as something like oak lumber of another hardwood. A tonewood, in general, is any wood that is used to make a musical instrument. The species is widely distributed throughout continental Europe and is a timber tree of major economic importance. Sitka spruce is also a frequent part of boat building, particularly when the primary concern is keeping weight low. @Izzy78 - I think I might be able to answer a couple of your questions.
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