(11). Pre JYM Pre Workout Review The tyrosine is linked to focus and may reduce the stressful effects of the workout, the cysteine has an antioxidant effect that … So, to kick off this Pre Jym workout review—let me tell you what it is. This post will tell you more about citrulline malate. Creatine HCL is an interesting possible successor to monohydrate, however, given that it has been shown to produce the same effects as monohydrate without the need for carbohydrate consumption – making it a useful way to get the benefits of creatine for those following low carb or ketogenic diets. But while it’s often unfairly used as a superficial ingredient which is thrown in purely so you can ‘feel’ your pre kicking in, there are numerous benefits to using beta-alanine. (3, 4). I ordered the Natural Island Punch thinking it would be your run of of the mill "red" fruit flavor. The effectiveness of caffeine is dependent on an individual’s tolerance level, but 300mg per serving puts this right at the top end of the spectrum and means that this product is most certainly a one-scooper, unless you plan on laying in bed like a pneumatic drill. Pretty much the same as any pre-workout. However, research suggests that you can enhance absorption (slightly) by splitting beta-alanine consumption into two as opposed to taking it all in one serving, and it’s worth noting that Stoppani also offers another 2g serving (totally 4g) in his post-workout supplement, Post Jym. will result in a decent energy boost before training, but it’s held back by being consumed alongside leucine in Pre Jym, as explained above. (12, 13). I’ve always been a big fan of the doctor and the work he has done in the supplement industry over the years. (2). Creatine is incredible for boosting strength performance and muscle size. While the 2.0 suggests a “next generation” of Jym supplements, this is merely clever marketing. This is a very high amount of caffeine, to ensure that you can power through your workout, even if you're dead tired from a long day at work, or a long night before. The pre workout marketplace is rife with below-par products which hide their formula behind bogus proprietary blends or under-dose key ingredients, leaving you feeling ripped off. (14). A 2010 study from researchers at the University of Manchester discovered that boxers increased their punching power by as much as 2000% during the closing stages of a bout via supplementing with beta-alanine prior to training. However, we’d need a dose of 2g to see any of those benefits, so Pre Jym is under-dosed here and you’d have to either pick up more taurine on it’s own or order Post Jym to get the rest. However, interesting research suggests that leucine is best kept until after training, as it can lead to CNS fatigue and cause the trainee to feel sluggish. Finally, open label transparency continues with the entire Jym Supplement Science brand, so there are no hidden ingredients or misleading proprietary blends on display here. (1). Seeing as it’s very cheap to supplement with creatine anyway, this ingredient is somewhat unnecessary as part of a pre. That’s broken down as 3g leucine, 1.5g isoleucine, and 1.5g valine. (5), It is also useful for improving your ability to push through “the burn” during training, with another useful study showing us that subjects were able to force out 25% more repetitions per set. Like most other pre workouts, Pre Jym comes equipped with a 1g serving of taurine in each scoop. It also has Huperzine A, which is a stimulant that very few pre workouts have. The fabled 5 stars is lost due to the fact that I’m still a bit p****d the name hinted at a new and improved formula. Once we get under the hood of the product, we are really getting the same old same old, with the name merely altered to separate this product – and proclaim superiority – from confusion with the old Jym brand that was also being sold separately at the time.
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