Only companies that have articles here are included. Mercedes Benz was founded in 1926 and was previously founded under the name Benz And Cie way back in 1883 making it one of the oldest around. St. James Press. The Chrysler Prowler and PT Cruiser were planned as Plymouths – a way to recapture an old, original spirit – but Plymouth was shuttered before their release. Peugeot first opened its doors as a family-run coffee mill company in 1810 and eventually began manufacturing bicycles in 1830, then salt, pepper, and coffee grinders in 1842. 8. These two companies merged to form Mercedes-Benz in 1926, and the rest, as they say, is history. Studyrama. Bradley, Elliot (1979). Country: Czech Republic Pederson, Jay P.; Derdak, Thomas (1999). Apart from automobiles, Fiat has also taken part in weapon manufacture. 7. “The Automobile and its Allies”. Škoda Auto was founded as Laurin & Klement in 1895 and manufactured bicycles, motorcycles, and cars in Mladá Boleslav, Kingdom of Bohemia.  Founder: Adam Opel Partly owned by the Hyundai group, Kia is a South Korean car manufacturer that has occupied the second spot amongst car makers in its home country and is making much progress in Europe and North America. The Emergence of Modern Business Enterprise in France, 1800–1930. Originally formed as the Lancashire Steam Motor Company in 1896 in England, this brand has been through many name changes over the years.  Area served: Worldwide. Studyrama perspectives (in French). In fact, a year earlier in 1898, Louis had already sold his first car to a family friend. Mercedes-Benz (1890–present) Mitsubishi (1980–2008) (The brand continued to be used in Australia for fully imported cars after 2008.)  Founders: Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler They have won 12 European Car of the Year awards, which is more than any other car or vehicle production company has ever won. A special car model by this company even broke the Bonneville Speedway world record for fastest car in the world with an engine up to two liters in August 2011, reaching speeds of 227 mph. They renamed themselves Cadillac in 1902. This list is incomplete. In 1897, Tetra’s technical director Hugo Fischer von Roeslerstamm purchased a Benz automobile from himself and used it as inspiration to make the company’s very first car, called the Präsident, later that year. The company began making bicycles in 1886 and made its first car in 1899. 26. Lonsdale (1982–1983) (Cars produced and exported by Mitsubishi Australia and sold in the UK by the Colt Car Company under the Lonsdale brand.) Country: United States 49. Year founded: 1899 Only companies that have articles here are included. Darke, Paul. The company first produced steam lawn mowers, and eventually made its first steam-powered van shortly after. This famous car brand technically wasn’t officially founded until 1926, but it is the result of a combination of two other automobile manufacturers that have been around for much longer. This is the most extensive and the ultimate list of all car companies by country in alphabetical order.  Founder: Giovanni Agnelli 4. Year founded: 1810 He left the company due to disagreements with financial backers Lemuel Bowen and William Murphy, taking his name with him. In 1925, the company was acquired by Škoda Works, and industrial conglomerate, and renamed and rebranded to Škoda Auto, now more commonly known simply as Škoda.  Area served: Worldwide, except North America and Brazil. Opel is now a subsidiary of Groupe PSA, though it used to be a subsidiary of General Motors. Trucks and trucking. Peugeot has won five European Car of the Year awards, two Semperit Irish Car of the Year awards, four Car of the Year Auto Europa awards, and nine Car of the Year awards in Spain. This famous car brand technically wasn’t officially founded until 1926, but it is the result of a combination of two other automobile manufacturers that have been around for much longer. And that’s what makes these reimagined classics so appealing; they have the benefit of hindsight. Country: Germany Hansard: “Rover Group (Privatisation)” debate, 29 Mar 1988 Year founded: 1883 Early models of the Rover variety have been produced by the Leyland Motors company since 1948 and continue to be produced to this day, even being considered a British icon.
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