Almost everybody loves that brand new tool first rattle out of the box. It seems trivial but it makes a big difference in workflow especially when you're running multiple grits on large pieces. What is the difference between Abranet and Autonet Abranet has been developed for sanding filler, primer, lacquer, composite and many other materials. Cant say I have any issues with them as the original pad is pretty much mint shape. I have a few disk for testing but have not started the test. The longevity of the sanding disk and it’s performance were superior though. Always looking for a better sanding product. If you wanted to compare the Abranet to a Festool paper I think Rubin would make more sense, and only then if you are sanding wood. As you can easily see (no pun intended) you can actually see through the disk.In this line the most common offerings are the Autonet, Abranet, Abralon disk. ©2020 Verticalscope Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have been using Autonet (80, 180 and 320) which you can buy off the shelf at Austin Hardwoods in Santa Ana for about 1/3 less than Abranet. For what is worth, I have every product listed above , and several more Mirka products. I’m a die hard Festoolie and have the ETS150 and RO150 along with one of the DTS400 detail sanders. Just don’t tell any Festool owners that there is a sander that is both better and more expensive than a Festool. I’ve been thinking about the abranet for my festool sander. Abranet HD outlasts Granat by a wide margin but it is also much more expensive. I have not tried anything finer than 600 at this time but I do have the full range of Abralon rectangular sheets that I will be testing in the near future. which is what I want to know. As others have mentioned the comparison should be between Abranet HD and Granat. In general woodworking there is a lot of debate about using a grit finer than 220 but I have used up to 600 on hardwood and have been very pleased with the results. Following are a couple of images of a sanding disk. About a year ago I spoke with a Mirka rep who said the Auto and Abra were the same and thought both were non-stearated although I haven't been able to confirm any of that information. As I replied in another thread, I recently sanded off exterior latex paint off a 2x6 deck rail using a 125mm CEROS and Abranet HD. First time using a drill press, burning and stalling, Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal- For woodworkers of all levels (part 6), Stanley #45 - 7 forms of fun in 1! With turning it is common to work your way from 80 up through 600. Since everyone sands differently, two identical sanders with equal weight were used to take the user out of the equation. It works on any sander with the same system. Their heads will explode. | Do Not Sell My Data I have nothing but praise for the products. When I got home with the unit I immediately connected the vacuum unit to the AC, attached an Autonet 120 disk and begin to sand. I highly recommend any of these disk for your general woodworking or turning as well as the Ceros or Deros sanders with a vacuum. Grit range – 180, 360, 500, 600, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000. An interesting side note. Festool: 2x MFT/3 // OF-1400 // MFS-400 & 700 // RO-90 // SYS-ROLL // VAC-SYS SET SE1 // CT-ASA CT 26/36/SB // KS 120 EB & UG-L & R //  VECTURO OS 400 EQ-Set  // DSG-AG 125 // DSC-AG 125 // DSC-AG 125 FH // HK 85 EB // HK 55 EB. Granat outperformed it in material removal rate, longevity and anti-clogging. Festool makes no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the material on this website or about the results to be obtained from using the website. Granat 80 would clog up after about 30sqft. Latest Blog Entries | Abranet has won many product innovation awards and been a best-seller across the globe. The interim pad has a lot of holes in it instead of the 6 that my sander has.
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