This shit would not fly in the ghetto. Last edited on Mar 02 1999. And Dad. Posted on January 9, 2012 - By Rachel Louissaint. Don’t trust the Midas touch. On the other hand, buy Timberlands, Nike Air Forces or Jordans as they are a popular ghetto … We have a big shopping center in my area. And siblings. 18. People don’t have a lot to lose. First let me start off by saying ghetto- DOES NOT = Black. Except for their Mom. I am not racist. See "put the beat down. "You have just been scheduled for a beat down.There's going to be a beat down if he doesn't stop that. Things necessary to be ghetto Spend your money on sports team jerseys, low ride jeans, polos, collared shirts and designer t-shirts. Say something a little too offensive that gets guys in the mood to fight? I hate stupid people who feel the need to act like a thug no matter what color they are. The only thing that's ghetto about us is that we dress ghetto, shop at ghetto places, and talk with ghetto accents. “OOooh Unn Uhhh” and Other Things Black Girls Say. Some ghetto kids started a gun fight last night. It just gets on my nerves when people who aren't 'ghetto' try to say that shopping at walmart is ghetto or hopping theatres in the movies is ghetto and just stupid stuff like that. One typically "gives" or "puts" a beat down. It’s amazing what an apology can do to cool tempers in the hood. Next time your landlord tries to collect rent, throw a DVD copy of Rent (the musical) at him. See more words with the same meaning: to attack, to fight. 16. 17. It is important to wear shades and buy a gold watch, diamond rings and a gold chain. Tell people that you’re a “boss.” But don’t say it like boss, pronounce it: bawse. Submitted by Jonathan L. from Minneapolis, MN, USA on Mar 02 1999 They may be plenty sweet and … It used to be really fun and cool but now its scary. In the hood, you never know who gives a fuck and who doesn’t. Madamenoire Featured Video. Just say “My bad” and dial it down. RELATED: 30 Things To Say To Your Best Friend In Instagram Comments To Hype Her Up Think of the strongest women in your life. a fight or severe beating. Gangsters can’t trust anybody.
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