Firework: Celebrate! Bambi Bambi II Pocahontas Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Brother Bear Brother Bear 2 The Princess and the Frog 101 Dalmatians (1996) Guardians of the Galaxy Deleted: Different Drummer • First To Dance • In the Middle of the River, Sly, greedy, sneaky, mischievous, gluttonous, cute, rascally, curious, playful, funny, cocky, loyal, clownish, Small and slender raccoon, gray fur, white face, black limbs, bushy tail with gray and black stripes, Food (especially biscuits), teasing Percy and Flit, stealing, attention. Personality Meeko appears in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. In the animated series House of Mouse, Meeko makes numerous cameo appearances. When Vanellope tries to pet him, Meeko responds by threatening to bite. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Meeko appears as a netizen in Oh My Disney. During which, Meeko joins Pocahontas. Dislikes Park attractions Feature films Sly, greedy, sneaky, mischievous, gluttonous, cute, rascally, curious, playful, funny, cocky, loyal, clownish Virginia Pocahontas and her Forest FriendsFantasmic!Drawn to AnimationJubilation!World of ColorSorcerers of the Magic KingdomIt's a Small WorldLight MagicParade of the Stars Home from. The Great Tromboni. Later on, a band of settlers from London arrives to claim the land as their own. Organization Without a Cool Acronym. Video games The Bears. He is usually seen with either Flit or Percy. He is sly, very greedy and loves to steal from anybody. Nik RanieriBrian Ferguson Meeko accompanies Pocahontas as she investigates the "pale-face." He is then shown to be Pocahontas' confidante when her father wants her to marry a local hero by the name of Kocoum. Meanwhile, Percy decides to stay with Pocahontas and her friends, much to Meeko's delight. Afterward, Pocahontas falls in love with John Rolfe, the ambassador for London, and the two return home to Virginia on a ship, with Meeko and the others tagging along. The heroes hear about John Smith's apparent death. Bobby, Frankie, Joey, Escobar, and Tommy Raccoon are mounts from. Source Tom Nook, from the Animal Crossing series. Forest Animals (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) Rocket Raccoon. • Feel the Magic • Festival of Family & Friends • Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party • Mickey and the Magical Map • Pocahontas and her Forest Friends • Pocahontas Spectacular • Rivers of Light: We Are One • The Forest of Enchantment: A Disney Musical Adventure • The Golden Mickeys • The Spirit of Pocahontas Skunk. • Abe and Ken, from Urban Vermin by YTV and Decode Entertainment. Appearance Roudy Raccoon. Meeko gets kidnapped by Ratcliffe in an attempt to force Pocahontas into helping him. Halloween: Are You Brave Enough? Meeko's name is derived from a character in Wabanaki tribal folklore from Maine, though the mythological Meeko is a squirrel instead of a raccoon. In the sequel to the original film, Pocahontas is called to London, to represent her people as an ambassador in a peace attempt. It's revealed in the book "Hello, Funny Face" that Pocahontas actually first befriended Meeko when she and Nakoma rescued him from drowning in a river. In another piece of marketing, the princesses and Vanellope get together for a group selfie. PocahontasPocahontas ll: Journey to a New WorldMickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of MouseOnce Upon a HalloweenRalph Breaks the InternetMore To Explore Tokyo Disneyland • Harmonious • Tree of Life Awakens • World of Color Voice Meeko made a small appearance in Drawn to Animation at Disney's Hollywood Studios along with Flit and rejected character Redfeather. Trending pages. Ships, dogs (formerly), Flit's nagging Meeko's name is derived from a character in Wabanaki tribal folklore from Maine, though the mythological Meeko is a squirrel instead of a raccoon. Throughout the film, Meeko and Percy are constantly in pursuit of one another, symbolizing the hatred between the natives and the settlers. This article provides a list of famous raccoons that appeared in works of fiction. 18. He can sometimes be found with Pocahontas at the Discovery Island Character Landing. Music: Original Soundtrack • The Legacy Collection Pocahontas was told that the settlers were dangerous, but after witnessing how kind John Smith was to Meeko, her thoughts about them began to change. Enemies The Evergreeners. Meeko has the ability to braid hair since raccoons have very dexterous paws in real life. Says good-bye to John Smith and stays with Pocahontas. He is first seen perched along Pocahontas' shoulders when Cinderella asks Vanellope von Schweetz if animals talk to her. Allies Swamp Boys. In the end, John Smith is blamed for Kocoum's death and is scheduled to die the next morning. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In Fantasmic!, Meeko can be seen riding the steamboat during the finale. Meeko Pocahontas, John Smith, Percy, Flit, Nakoma, Grandmother Willow, John Rolfe, Chief Powhatan, Redfeather Voiced by Rob Paulsen. Suey-Ellen Pig. Rosco Reis. Small and slender raccoon, gray fur, white face, black limbs, bushy tail with gray and black stripes When Vanellope tries to sing, Meeko screeches in rebuke like a domesticated cat. Meeko is a raccoon and one of Pocahontas' animal friends. The Raccoons (band) Tommy. Books: Marvel Comics • Disney Princess Beginnings, Entertainment: Disney's Believe • Fantasmic! RJ (Over the Hedge) Roarey Raccoon. The Pigs. PocahontasAnimated StoryBook: PocahontasDisney Emoji BlitzDisney Magic Kingdoms Summer: Stitch and Friends Summer Surprise However, she strongly objects the idea as he is too serious, and she is as steady as a river. In the original World of Color, Meeko appears in the "Colors of the Wind" segment. He speaks a bit like a hippie, and is annoyed when Tigger refers to his "mask", which is just part of his fur. Raccoon first appears in "Darby's Lost and Found" and later makes regular appearances in the series. John KassirFrank Welker (Animated Storybook) Rio Tanuki. Ristin. Meeko. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Likes Rocky. Character information Tito, Einstein, Rita and Francis — Oliver & Company Later on, Meeko meets Governor Ratcliffe's dog Percy and begins a rivalry with him. Flit finds him annoying, as does Percy. Fortunately, she does so and John Smith is able to return home to London after Governor Ratcliffe accidentally shoots him. Food (especially biscuits), teasing Percy and Flit, stealing, attention T. T.O.M. However, the guests manage to defeat the evil governor and rescue the raccoon. Meeko is one of the Disney characters that is featured at Disney's Animal Kingdom. House of Mouse Animators In a fully-animated deleted scene (which was released as part of the film's marketing) Vanellope tries to cuddle Meeko, to which the raccoon responds in a feral manner. Skunk first appears in "Skunk's Non-Scents". As for the rest of the settlers, Chief Powhatan allows them to stay and use the land to build what would become Jamestown, Virginia. Background information Governor Ratcliffe, Percy (formerly) Meeko later appears during the climax, where the princesses band together to rescue Wreck-It Ralph. Meeko in Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. In Frontierland and Liberty Square, Meeko and Pocahontas assist Merlin and the park guests in defeating Governor Ratcliffe, who has been released from prison by Hades to form a plan to take over Frontierland and acquire the crystal of the Magic Kingdom. • The Disney Villains Halloween Showtime, Sequel: John Rolfe • King James • Queen Anne • Mrs. Jenkins • Uttamatomakkin • Jesters Ruddiger. Video games: Pocahontas • Disney Emoji Blitz In the opening theme, Meeko is seen on top of Goofy's plate, eating the food on it. Admiral Evar. Meeko is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community.
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