Maybe I'll bring a regular membership card next time. The gas attendant informed me that I needed to go to a Costco and find out why my membership was invalid. If you wish to make a complaint you can call the customer service number +18007742678. I explained to the Costco service rep just like how I described above. However, on my way to my car, I went to the guy attending the Costco gas station. The screen showed instructions to insert my card and keep the card in there (not your normal quick swipe). Source: Reddit Costco Customer Has Meltdown for "Covidiotic" Response to Face Masks By Mustafa Gatollari. I thought it was strange because my membership had always auto-renewed and my wife went to Costco earlier in the week. Maybe not doing that is causing the issue? From Costco's $1.50 hot dog and soda combo to the thrill of the treasure hunt, here's how Costco gets its members hooked, and how the brand makes money. Then they can see the issues that members are experiencing. The supervisor informs me that I needed a fob to use the tap to pay feature. So there are tons of city, county, and state ordinances (like in New Jersey) that warn if you're not wearing a mask, you won't be getting any service. Just carry my one card and my license in my pocket. Use our. He used his membership card so I can still get gas with my Citibank credit card, which I did and thanked him. Would be lot more convenient if things worked without any issues. If you are inquiring about a price adjustment for a recently purchased item on now on sale, please fill out our Price Adjustment Form for your credit request.. Feel free to CALL US, our staff is available to speak with and help answer any question you may have today. When I got the invalid membership message, I tried to cancel out to re-try and the none of the buttons worked for me as well. I asked him if he could test swipe using my Citibank credit card and cancel the transaction. The swipes at my Costco gas station have worked poorly, frequently giving an error, saying something like a membership is needed, etc. I reminded her my initial problem was with the tap to pay using the microchip and not the swipe, which uses the magnetic strip. Click on the blue feedback button at the far right of your screen on Seattle, WA 98124. Got it. Check out this experience a Costco customer had trying to return a ring on Trustpilot: This is interesting to me because on the Costco website, it says that the gemologist should review and get back to you within 24-48 hours, and this doesn't sound nearly as hassle-free. Also, see important COVID updates.. The service rep immediately tells me the magnetic strip on the CC looks worn out (without even testing herself) and I need to call Citibank to get a new card. A video shared to the r/PublicFreakout subreddit on Monday shows a maskless man and woman standing at the customer service counter of Costco. Maybe the employee was having a bad day. He said yes and mentioned certain Costco's were testing out the new payment system but it's been quirky. Dude.....I'm guessing half the people post and read Reddit for entertainment. At any other location than the 1 location (so far) that has the new payment system, I would: The new payment system is supposed to eliminate the 1st 2 steps by simply using the tap to pay feature with your Citibank Costco card from what I was told. I suggest you send your post here to Costco on their website, so it can go to the appropriate department. Never had a problem with the Costco Citibank card at any of their gas station either. The idea behind the FOB was so more members could get through the station faster. The social distancing/face mask orders across the country that arose in amid the COVID-19 pandemic are frustrating tons of people. Article continues below advertisement. He said sure, swiped the card and said nothing was wrong with my card. He informed me instead of swiping, I can just use the Costco Citibank credit tap to pay feature on the gas pumps now. I wasn't planning to get another card even though Costco service rep kept arguing the magnetic strip on the card was bad. Sorry you were given a bunch of attitude from the membership employees. I asked them if they found that strange like I found it strange. Unfortunately, I tried to use the tap to pay feature, but a message came up on the screen that my membership was invalid. The service rep immediately calls the supervisor "because there is a customer that is not understanding what I'm telling him". I told him that the Costco gas station that I went to earlier in the week didn't allow me to use the tap to pay using the microchip nor the swipe feature. Edit: Ughh....meant to put First Bad Experience in the title. Last night I swiped at the pump and it said my membership was invalid. Who cares, you’re fine. I don't even use a wallet. Official website for Costsco Wholesale. your order through our website. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No customer service is abnormal. Maybe I am an idiot. Costco meal kit with added garlic and rosemary, garlic butter brussel sprouts, sous vide turkey breast (skin taken off and made into chips), cheddar bay biscuits, LA Galbi, and costco pumpkin cheesecake YUM While Costco recently enforced a nationwide mask-wearing rule for all its stories, in many areas it's legally required. I'm not blaming the service rep and the supervisor about not knowing the new payment system, but the amount of attitude and the way the service rep asking for the supervisor was uncalled for. Speak with the membership agents, they are located at the Costco corporate offices and all warehouse complaints remain anonymous. Costco saves us money by just forwarding the order to the manufacturer. I was told there are only few Costco gas stations that are trialing the new payment system.
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