A beautiful spicy, oud and vanilla combo which will hold on your skin all day long for the greater pleasure of your entourage. With peppery fresh basil and balsamic frankincense Kalemat Black is inspired by Oriental spice gardens. I imagine it could be worn any time, however winter would be best. seher al kalemat in arabic means "Magic of Words" and this does fits the description. Absolutely as good as the original and better than most Ouds I've tried. ... rosemary flower and cashmere wood. Love this fragrance. Strong at first and dominant but quickly became a skin scent for my disappointment...went home and sprayed 15 sprays i swear im not joking!! A beautiful, clean oud/wood that makes me speechless. 5 with Amber, vanilla, light incense <3 my heart. I'm fairly disappointed. Simply amazing and mesmerizing. Do not overspray. 505.00 SAR, Special Price On my 3rd bottle,(my cousins keep nicking it when they come to visit and find out which perfume i'm always wearing)- they say "it smells like you got money"i'm not too good smelling/naming individual notes but it reminds my of black berry mixed with honey from bees that feed only on roses. ah what can i saw about the infamous SEHER AL KALEMAT aka Kalemat black. smells like metallic oud, very strange smell in opening, dry down is average nothing unique. He told me about Kalemat. It smells like a very slightly toasted and mildly sweetened wheat-based pastry from a high end bakery sprinkled with a little bit of powder and caramelized brown sugar on top. ITS IS NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY! However, I do feel this is too vanilla/amber heavy. It smells basically exclusively of oud to my nose with dark resinous vanilla and amber nuances. It has almost a gourmand oud type of aroma at the start, then dries down and adds a suede leather and cinnamon note to the already divine mix, even though neither of these notes are listed. It sorta reminds me of Grand Soir or Lattafa Raghba but much, much, much more well blended. Home / Perfume / Arabian Oud / Kalemat Black (AKA Sehr) Kalemat Black (AKA Sehr) A world famous fragrance with gorgeous notes. Every time I open the book case type of cover / package I feel like I am revealing to my self something rather enchanting. Could I have got a fake bottle? I’m back again just to appreciate this great fragrance...the performance is superb! Projection and longevity are above-average. An amazing oud fragrance,very wearable and very long lasting with noticeable sillage. Manly sweetness. At times I feel like I only needed a half spray. Moreover, it is one of my most complimented fragrances and one of only two scents that is regularly complemented by men and women alike. It's definitely not a safe blind-buy and not full bottle worthy. Very well made fragrance. They are now stealing money based on reputation. Sehr El Kalemat (Kalemat Black) has Kalemat DNA with rich smelling oud and warm vanilla added. IMO Kalemat Black is quite possibly the best Oriental Oud fragrance I have ever put my nose on. Online right now: 2392, Fragrantica in your language: This is a somewhat unsophisticated but enjoyable Eastern gourmand that merges sweet and resinous notes against a lively backdrop of woods, fruits, spices, and florals. This juice is potant 1 spary is required this is a proper middle eastern style scent so not for everyone sample before purchasing. Probably one of the nicest fragrances I've ever smelled! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I tested the original Kalemat but I prefer Kalemat black much better. I've had other favorite fragrances where I just indulge myself in the scent upon first sniff, but this was different. 275.00 SAR, Regular Price: @Phillygent Totally agree with you, 2019 version totally sucks.. The value here is incredible. The fragrance features black rose, magnolia, vanilla, citruses, mango, … And after 6 hours or so, forget the 'y', what remains is the 'sex'. Between Aoud Vanille by Mancera and Kalemat Black which of the two projects better and offer great sillage? Arabian Oud should have just named this perfume 'Oud initiation' or 'Oud for beginners'. This is a bold masculine fragrance dine right. @realfrags I agree with your review of this scent. HAHAHAHA :D :D :D. Wow is my first reaction to this, WOW! I don’t really get any oud in here, just frankincense or myrhh mixing with a lot of amber and thick vanilla. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. The bottle and box are really gorgeous as well which adds to it's character. This beauty reveals two stages on my skin. @ForbiddenCookie, so true. The sprayer was tad better but still not good as compared to other perfumes I own. You only need 1 or trow spray on chest and neck. Totally unisex. I do not yet own this. I do 5 sprays.. Has this been reformulated?? I will have a full bottle of this in the near future! So are we certain of the notes listed above, because Basil, and Olibanum are not listed in Arabian Oud's note discription on their site. Arabian Oud knows how to do it. One of the best winter fragrances in the market! Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. It is extremely wearable oud, it is not thick, potent, heavy animalic or fecal at all. The oud is like the kind of low-quality oud that you can find in stores in the UAE, it has a very slight skankiness to it. I went to London and stopped by the Arabian Oud store on Oxford Street and found this gem. You don't even need one full spray with this stuff. I think I bought the reformulated bottle. He was Arab and said he loved oud.:). Perfume lovers: 587102 For whatever reason, I found it too strong upon initial use and it went into the way back. I remember smelling this just over 5 years ago. Besides this fragrance smelling absolutely fan-tas-tic, it's a great performer (fills a room) that lasts a solid 18-24 hours on my skin without fail. This is the most beautiful fragrance I own at the moment. Recommended. Funny thing: I've had this scent for about three years, but it has been sitting in the back of my closet. 690.00 SAR, Special Price A true enchanting perfume as the name suggests. Well anyway, I smelled many perfums in the store even the (orange) Kalimat. Together, they combine to create a thousand magical stories in the mind. Revitalize your senses with Kalemat fragrance by Arabian Oud that imparts notes that keep its subtlety intact. I hardly smell any scents...def not any oud. Can't smell any form of Oud even when the note was listed in fragrantica. If they were to lighten it a bit without changing it's projection it would've been fire. Revitalize your senses with Kalemat fragrance by Arabian Oud that imparts notes that keep its subtlety intact. The release year is unknown. I have worn this fragrance in 2016 and it was luxurious and very potent. I dont get any oud in this but what i do get is a beautiful blend of vanilla and amber. These type of fragrances smell good as a one-off but soon become boring. Very long lasting with noticeable sillage. There is no alcohol blast in this. 367 votes.

, https://media.cdn-arabianoud.com/media/catalog/product/3/0/301020146_6.png, https://media.cdn-arabianoud.com/media/catalog/product/3/0/301020146-1_6.png. But worn lightly in warm weather, I think this could be nice. I was mesmerized by this scent! Becomes smooth quickly after applying. It makes for a lovely everyday scent for cooler months...a cozy, sexy one that comes in a large 250ml bottle (so you can share it with your lover/spouse). It is just pleasant. Above average longevity and sillage. I already own and love the original Kalemat and now Arabian Oud has done it again IMHO. Anyways, Kalemat Black is not terribly complex, in fact it’s easy to wear. Unquestionably niche. This scent is EXACTLY what I wanted Gaultier 2 to be.
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