Interested In: Price Inspection Certificate Product Specifications Company Profile. The guitar is beautiful with all the different grain patterns that the ash forms throughout the … Outfitted with Fender Texas Special pickups, three-ply black pickguard, modern C neck profile, and string-through body bridge with brass saddles, this guitar has all the popular Tele features, providing loads of twang for your buck. In 2008 Fender updated them to have a lot of changes that were great for the working musician, and they're reflected here (the model I'm reviewing is an off the rack 2011). If you plan to change string gauges, you may need to adjust the specs somewhat to compensate for the changes in string sizes. Here's the spec list: The Fender American Standard Tele has been reworked and refined over the years to address what the working player wanted as far as features go. Also for: Nashville b-bender. Pictured here is a Mexican made FENDER Standard Telecaster with Maple Fretboard and a Fender American Standard Telecaster with Rosewood Fretbaord. **The wood used in the fretboard isn’t a unique difference between the American made Fenders and the Mexican as you can get either finish – rosewood or maple – regardless of the maker. View and Download Fender American Standard Telecaster specifications online. Up for sale, a 2010 Fender American Special Telecaster in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Product Description. Up for sale is a gorgeous 2010 Fender American Standard Telecaster in an all natural Ash. Fender American Standard Telecaster: Specifications. I looked over the specs and it seems like the deluxe model has bigger frets than the standard model. Models made prior to 2004 featured two Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele single-coils, Fender/Fishman Powerbridge piezo system and four-bolt neck fixing. American Standard Telecaster guitar pdf manual download. The American Deluxe Telecaster (introduced in 1998; upgraded in 2004, 2008, and 2010) features a pair of Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups and the S-1 switching system. Fender s new American Deluxe Telecaster® is the 21st century way to rock Tele style! The following setup procedures and specifications are for your Telecaster as equipped with the strings that come on the instrument as standard equipment from the factory. TELECASTER® ADJUSTMENT AND CARE.
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