So if you planned your timing poorly and you have half an hour to the surf spot 1 hour before darkness it’s is hard to really step on it. BED KIT for 2 – (2 pillows, 1 cover and 1 bed sheet), Towel kit (1 bath towel and 1 face towel), "Our first experience with a campervan and definitely not the last. Putting your house on wheels directly on the spot eliminates all sorts of useless activities like packing and unpacking your car, driving to the sea to check the conditions, waiting for your friends to get dressed, finish eating, find their wetsuit, planing your trip days ahead, making reservations for sleeping, checking in, checking out at correct hours, staying at the wrong spot because that is where you have rented the apartment etc… time wasted that could be put to better use surfing or at least chilling by the spot… OMG, everybody went out for lunch and the waves are pumping, lets go in! If you continue to use this site you are accepting our cookie policy. If the path to the spot is tricky, even more difficult is to get down the sharp rocks and full of sea urchins to get in the water. Each Camper van also has a DRIVERS MANUAL, with information about the Camper van and the procedures do adopt. After lots of research and after doing two surf camper van trips in the last two months (check the Sicily surf trip for the second one, looks like a lot of surf van desire has accumulated over the years and once released… I had to do it twice, lol ) I can save you some time and recommend Atlantic coast campers. Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click on some of the links on this website and make purchases. Or actually, most of these are also general tips that apply to van travel anywhere. This time even further up than Nazare. If I only take owning a beach house at every surf spot, every beach, everything else pales in comparison. You will end up driving around way more than you though you will. Main reasons why to choose them over other camper van rental companies in Portugal (this is just my opinion, maybe to you other things matter when choosing a van): So if you ever decide to do a surf trip in a camper van through Portugal, and you are wondering where to rent one – check Can you just park it wherever you want and go to sleep? However it remains a powerful right hand only recommended for experienced surfers. If you don’t own an 11 ft lead weighted rhino chaser and have no desire to own it then Nazare is the place to go when there is almost no swell. By bank transfer paying 50% of the rental cost By our Paypal account, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost. Watch out for some rocks scattered along the beach! Superfriendly staff at the office in Lisboa with time to explain everything to us. Since I am a camper van rookie most of these will be obvious to people that did it already, but if you have never rented or used a camper van in your life, they will make your life easier :). The inside is one of the favorite places for our school to teach surfing. It’s a small and therefore flexible company so it is possible to arrange everything to your need. The Campervan has to be returned with the interior, WC and equipment totally cleaned and organised (no garbage, sand, mud or any other waste) and the residual water deposit has to be empty, otherwise a cleaning fee will be applicable. 20 days prior to the deliver of the campervan, you must pay the remaining value of the rental: By bank transfer. The camper was well equipped and had good sleeping spaces, providing the basis for a wonderful adventure! With the 5 seats Renault Master you are at home wherever you stop. When the weather normalized we were back on the hunt, this time aiming at spots around Porto Covo but even though there was no wind, the sea had that morning sickness to it and with not that small waves we wanted something cleaner. The floor is always dirty and sandy and if it rains everything gets a bit damp, boring and depressing. The best conditions occur with big NW swell and winds from E quadrant. We had one of the best session of the trip :)?! Having the ability to just turn on the engine and go someplace new is an unlimited potential source of new info for your brain. The name says it all! In Portugal it is usually up the the municipality to decide if wild camping is legal in their area I think. Usually has crowd only during the summer months. You would have to do some really stupid things to get fined like park where there is a clear no camper van parking sign, start fires in nature, throw garbage or put up a bbq, table and chairs in a busy parking lot and start a party. Even though the majority of the coastline faces west there is also plenty of protected beaches and beaches facing other directions. We were chasing waves up and down Portugal coast and after a week I felt like I was away from home for a month, after 14 days I have almost forgotten where home was :). You can also check my IG story highlights from the trip to get the idea how the Sardinha and van life looks like. However, please contact us if you have any questions regarding rental periods. You have a lot of friends? Presents an extensive beach with several breaks for different levels of surfing. Their best conditions occur when NW swell and E wind. The best waves begin to work with 1m, holding up to 2m W, NW swell and E quadrant wind. We rented van called Sardinha that came with 2 big beds with pillows & pillow cases, duvet & duvet covers, sheets; seating for 3-4 people, lots of storage space (when I say lots, please check the rest of the article hehe), kitchen with sink and running water tap, gas cooker with fixed two pit places, fridge, kitchen utensils including a coffee pot, cleaning kit, secondary battery, solar panels and 12V and 220V electricity, camping 220V wall cable (use for electricity on campsites), radio/speakers with USB and AUX options (AUX cable included), car jack, triangle & fluorescent vests, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, privacy curtains, space for surfboards, external shower that you get by either pulling the faucet from the sink or by filling the black camping shower bags (btw, the shower works great, you come out of the water and shower in the back of the van… people will look at you with envy :) ). From a small group of friends to a couple in love, this is the Fiat Ducato that will take you everywhere, from north to south, from the beach to the city. However, it´s entirely at your own risk. Perhaps the best known reef-break in Peniche region. Here are some useful tips for traveling with a camper van in Portugal. Have you noticed how when you go on vacations first few days go kind of slowly, you still have your whole time off ahead of you, and then suddenly it starts flying and it’s over? If you’re planning a long-term journey, the 4 seats Renault Master. ", "We went to the Algarve with a camper, and we had the best time! – Lisbon Airport  In its best days, sessions can be unforgettable. Holds more than 3 meters with a W swell and wind from the E quadrant. A big plus is the boiler with hot water and a shower included in the campervan. It might be good advertising for the company but for the traveler it’s kind of like a kook tattoo. The best way to start your Surf Trip is to Rent a Campervan. It is one of alternative spots during the Rip Curl Pro Portugal because it’s more exposed to swells from the North Atlantic. stickers plastered all over the van exterior. The security deposit is mandatory. For this reason, we chose to equip our Camper vans with Parking Sensors to help you park safely. This beach has the distinction of having the hottest water in the region! You will see that all the popular and semi popular spots will already have a row of camper vans parked somewhere, so you can join in. Peniche is a very complete area where there is always an off-shore wind. You can even take your pet on the trip! We booked our campervan and the staff was very helpful from the beginning. Our mission is to give you the most unforgettable road trip experience through our beautiful country. The interior and exterior conditions must be the same as they were at the beginning of the rental. Portugal has 300 days of sunshine per year, enjoy each one of them at your own pace and do it lowcost. The best conditions occur during low tide with a SW, W swell and NE, E wind. Even if you can drive and surf anywhere, plan your trip a few days in advance according to the surf forecast. On its big days, it has a spectacular right hander only for the most experienced braking right over the outside reef. When arriving we got a clear instruction on how to use the campervan and with the itinerary and tips given we started our journey. The rental price is very good. If you need any advice on where to go to score, he will help you out. There are so many beaches, so many beach parking places, so many options… if you are really having a hard time finding a good place, then put an app on your phone and check your surroundings. Famous Nazare lighthouse. So surfing it together with some guys from Australia was a sick ending to the trip. What I hate with other camper vans in Portugal and elsewhere, and it’s just a cheap little thing, but it makes quite a difference – things like salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, coffee..etc are already in the kitchen! You will always beat the crowds, even at non surfing locations. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. Noises and things falling over. Brain overload. I have always kind of felt this is the ultimate. This works great, because the alternative is arriving to an empty van for a week and then buying 1l of oil, 1l of vinegar, 1kg of salt, 1kg of sugar and then using 5% of it in a week having no idea what to do with the rest when returning the van. Works best with N swell and Sh quadrant wind of. It is undoubtedly the best known surf break in Portugal with international reputation, where is held annually the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Alternatively, there are other more accessible breaks right next to it. For this reason, it has far less consistency. By providing the best service, filling up our client’s needs, operating with a modern fleet, planning your holidays to every detail and last, but by no means least, make sure you don´t miss any bit of this amazing country. A change of location gives your brain something to do, but when days again start to look the same…idk…beach -> bar -> drunk -> sleep time again flies. Your best bet is the zone between Bordeaux, France and Lisbon, Portugal. Portugal by Van is a small friendly campervan rental company in Portugal. The Sardinha camper van parked just a bit north from the famous Nazare beach. – At our OFFICE, in Lisbon less than 10 minutes from Lisbon Airport; The first thing to do, apart from keeping calm, is to contact us. with credit card, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost. Why the hell do they put those 2.2m height bars on shopping mall parking lot. Best conditions occur when N swell and SE, S wind. Pedro (the owner) is a great guy and very very knowledgeable when it comes to surfing in Portugal. Our professional goal? On good days you can even ride some tubes. How To: Surfing Mentawai Islands on a Budget, Complete Introduction to Mountain Biking for Beginners. From the Peniche/Ericeira area all the way down to Algarve and Sagres it is quite a drive. Watch out for some rocks scattered along the beach! Before each trip, all our vans are cleaned and checked to make your stay as comfortable and protected as possible. YES. We hoped to score the long pointbreak at Buarcos but first day it just wasn’t working. In the days of greatest swell, is the best spot in the region that offers the best conditions with an extremely long wave. Although not perfect waves, is one of the most consistent and ideal for learning. Probably the heaviest and most difficult wave to surf in Portugal for being too quick, hollow and powerful. The conditions are perfect with a W quadrant swell and when the wind blows from N, NE. Plane tickets and surfboard charges calculations, forecast checking and also, the essential question that makes or breaks the trip itself  – where to get a camper van in Portugal and not go broke? Everything else comes second. I once read that the perception of time is not measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days… it is measured in the amount of new information that your brain has to process. A cloud of seagulls is following this fishing boat back to port in Nazare, Portugal. So to represent the reality of a camper van surf trip, here are two lists. You won’t look like a tourist with huge RENT ME!!! We also advise you to carefully read the RENTAL TERMS. You can be conditioning another customer rental period. Personal higiene can drop a bit hehe and trash quickly starts piling up and taking space. It’s not all Mexican blankets, ambient light bulbs, spices in wall mounted flower pots and good looking girls in bikinis stretching on the bed while looking out at waves from the opened back doors of the van. And this is exactly how I like it. Ideal for all levels of surfing but recommended only for experienced when swell is too big. You know, how do you recognize a surfer at a wedding? Based in Lisbon, but also with pick up and drop off in Porto and Faro. So we checked Cebedelo and it looked shit. Usually has only crowd during the summer. If you need to restock on water – every gas station in Portugal has a hose with running water, so filling up your water tank is easy. Ideal conditions occur when it is more than 1m swell and wind from WE. The goal was to go to the south of Algarve and surf around Sagres, but luckily we decided to check a few spots along the way. This means that no matter what the weather throws at you, you can find something to surf. Convenient complete kitchen. The electronic toll reader costs €12.5 and is not included in the price because it will only be charged if you use it; The van isn’t clean on the inside and outside adds a €65 fee; The gas tank is not full adds a fee of €35 plus the fuel difference; The chemical toilet isn’t delivered clean and without any traces of use. Any adult over 21 years old, holding a valid driving license for more than 2 years. Of all the breaks in the Peniche region, this is the most challenging and only recommended for experienced surfers because of its fast tubular waves. We definitely recommend traveling in a campervan to have a great experience in Portugal. Required fields are marked *, Action sports knowledge database for wetsuits, surfing, mountainbiking, snowboarding, and other sports. Portugal by Van presents the 3 seats Fiat Ducato. That is, if the Cave is working but with too much power, it is better to go to the Reef. There is the usual – take a ticket and pay at the exit toll booth. If you did not purchase a prepaid electronic device then don’t use these lanes. Same home, same road to work, same job, same supermarket, same food, same people…brain gets bored and time flies. As close to a house as you can get, this campervan is your home away from home. Or even better, go somewhere where you will be alone. It is a high quality right-hander only for experienced surfers hungry for tubes, because it breaks over a reef bottom. Sure, the continent has plenty of other places to surf, but you can’t beat these three. One of the favorite beaches for surf schools in Algarve. You suddenly turn into camper van expert, checking how other peoples vans are built and organized, watching youtube videos of home builds and imagining how your own van would look like. Wetsuit Care – 13 DO’s And DONT’s To Make Your Wetsuit Live Longer, Wetsuit Water Temperature Chart and Guide for Divers, Surfing Hacks: How To Balance Your Body On The Waves Like A Pro, Ultimate Surfboard Type Guide: Shortboards, Longboards, Eggs, Alaias, Hybrids, Step Ups and everything in between, Introduction to Mountain Biking for Beginners – How To Start Mountain Biking, Best Bike Light Setup For Mountain Biking, 5 Mountain Bike Backpacks To Hit The Trails This Summer, Moving Abroad To Live The Van Life? Everything you take with you on a trip gets in a way when you are living on a few square meters, it gets annoying. Both cities have airports, with Lisbon’s being … I hate them!? It has a break in the middle of the beach that produces good lefts and rights over a sandy bottom. Caparica, Carcavelos, Cascais and Guincho. Where did this year go?! You know, foggy, drizzle, gray muddy water and waves spilling one over another. Preparation starts at home, bring only things that you really need and put them in soft luggage, like a duffel bag. Portugal is I guess one of the sickest countries for this kind of trip. I have done plenty of surf trips and almost all of them involved a scene when we arrived at a spot and some camper vans were already parked there with people already finished surfing or maybe just sipping their morning coffee, no hurry, no driving anywhere. So next few days we surfed either 20 min drive north or south of Peniche and it was pretty sick, usually sharing the lineup with just a few other people or even surfing alone! Why this intro to our trip? The parking, outside our office, is free. Since there was nothing better to do we decided to go in anyway. A surf trip for a surfer in its essence means freedom. Not going to Indo was forgotten in a moment and the organization wheels started turning. – Train Station, Bus Station or Hotel in the city of Lisbon  It is a spot that although short, can handle big swell and where important Bodyboard Championships take place. Hope you got some useful tips and ideas for your own trip and if you have any questions or something to add – the comments are open. I have no negative points at all. Portugal offers some of the best surf spots in Europe. All prices include VAT (23%)  |  Prices per day, Extra driver (add a new driver to the Premium or Extra Premium option) – 5€/day. With credit card, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost. Even with tiny waves coming from the north and long straight beach the two hour session was a 4h paddling workout haha… we had to paddle non stop to stay on the peak. It’s a camper van surf trip, in my case a camper van in Portugal. A camper van is usually not the fastest vehicle. Also known as “Red Rock” by foreign surfers, this spot is a large extension of sand with several breaks between Lagido and Belgas, ideal for all levels of surfing. We did buy drinking water in supermarkets, maybe the gas station water is good as well. Bathroom with hot water shower to take the salt off your body, air conditioning, fridge with freezer, stove, table, chairs and everything you need to make the most of your vacations in Portugal. It is also one of the most popular beaches in the southern region where some championships take place, including a WQS event. With the recent #vanlife craziness it seems that taking a van surf trip is the best thing since sliced bread. The option to be at the best spot, all you have to do is go, can get tiring sometimes. On its best conditions is very long and holds up to 3 meters with N, NW swell and E wind. With credit card, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost. While people had to wake up, pack, get into the car and drive to where you are well… you are already there:). with credit card, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost. We started in Torres Vedras where we picked up our van at Atlantic coast campers and drove straight to Ericeira. Presents a fast and hollow right which begins near the pier and can be quite long. It is also one of the alternative spots of Rip Curl Pro Portugal, where normally the female competition takes place. And after surf we were packing things back into the car and watch drip drying wetsuits hanging from the outside rear view mirrors of various camper vans with people again sipping coffee, making lunch or just chilling, reading a book and occasionally glancing towards the waves just to be up to date on what they are doing, just in case they need to jump in again for a quick session or checking the forecast and making plans where and to which beach they will move next to do it all again. Every rental includes BASE PROTECTION, with a € 2.000,00 security deposit. Despite being the only left hander in Ericeira region, in its best days is one of the best waves in Portugal. We slept once above the Lagide surf spot, arriving late at night, and we almost could not find a parking space among all the camper vans. Why? Last day I made a sketchy paddle out at Buarcos and caught a few waves there before it got dark, it wasn’t really working as I imagine it can, but they say it’s a fickle spot that no one I’ve talked to really got good, and they live in Portugal. The camper was well equipped and clean. You can also choose the extra equipment that you would like to rent to take along for your trip: We have several items such as sport material (surfboards and wetsuits, bycicles), WI-FI, GPS, Bluetooth Speakers, power inverter (12V/220V), camping tents, outdoor table and seats, barbecue, relaxing chairs, bed kits, towel kits, games and many others. For any other place in Portugal or abroad, please ask for a quote. It’s not like I am going to drag these things home on a plane. If you run out, you buy a new one. Ideal for all levels of surfing but in its best days could be an interesting playground for the more experienced. Petzen Flow Country Trail: Can You Count The Berms? On good days it can present you good lefts in the reef break and good rights in the middle of the beach. Sometimes the key to a good surf session is low expectations. Jumping up and down every other day is exhausting and also expensive. It’s a beach break with has several breaks that can handle large swells in. Portugal by Van is a small friendly campervan rental company in Portugal. Due to the large extension of sand with several breaks, it becomes the preferred beach by many local schools to teach surfing. The best waves begin to work with 1m to 3m W, NW swell and quadrant E wind. You can bet I am in. “Someday I’m gonna do that!” was always on the back of my mind, but when surf trip plans were made it always slipped my mind…until this year. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced. If conditions were perfect we could have been parked at the same spot for the whole 14 days. Suddenly drizzle and water color meant nothing. Its difficult access does not prevent many surfers and surf schools to choose this as their favorite spot in the summer months. The best waves begin to work with 1m to 2m NW, W swell and E quadrant wind. Its orientation to N, NW ensures greater consistency. Our Campervans have everything a traveller needs: fully equipped kitchen, dining area for 5, bathroom with hot water shower and 1-3 beds. Then again, there are the laws and then there is the real life. Rent one of our campers and enjoy all the freedom in the world, with no schedules, without being tied to any place and routine. The best waves begin to work with 1m to 2m in NW, W swell and E quadrant wind.

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